What is HiFi Space

HiFi Space was born in 2012 as specialized company in the  market of pre-owned high-end audio products. After a successful experience, mainly with the management of our eBay shop, with many satisfied customers around the world, in 2015 we launch our own online shop.

With our new shop we intend to offer better service, trade in options, and more products including brand new, giving us a prominent presence in the online hifi market.

Why buy from Us

The pre-owned market of hifi gear online is an attractive world where you can find excellent offers, but, if not familiar to you, you should be cautious. Be careful. Many unknown advertisers are dishonest or even non-existent. Avoid the safe bets at half price. With HiFi Space you know our identity and you know the quality of the products that you are buying.

Our products come from distributors, audio shops and private sellers. We offer only authentic products in excellent condition and, at difference of other sellers, we always check carefully all our products before to be send to our custommers. So we can assure that our customers will receive exactly the products in the same condition, or better, as they expect, no surprises.

We maintain excellent contact with our customers, both by mail or by phone. We know that the hifi products are expensive and delicate, for this reason we are customed to solve all the doubts and details that you will need in order to feel confident before to proceed to close a deal with us.

We send our products insured and with tracking number. We only use reliable transport companies. For heavy weight products we can offer cheaper cargo freight options.  We help or custommers to solve all the incidences that could appear in customs clearance.

As result of all this, we have a log list of satisfied customers, that left us  an excellent feedback as you can see in our eBay feedback.

Buy with confidence, your satisfaction is our first objective.