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Audio Analogue Enigma

compact system

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  • Estado: Ex-demo de distribuidor o tienda, pocas horas de uso
  • Funcionamiento: Funcionamiento perfecto
  • Incluye: Con embalajes originales, manuales y resto accesorios originales.

1 350 €

For sale a nice Italian multi function system.

Audio Analogue goes on in its research to solve the enigma:
“Is possible to create a multifunction audio unit, what is also called an “all in one system”, with a so high sound quality to be compared to the best audiophile systems?”

With Enigma Rev2.0 the answer is yes!

The audio chain design started choosing a new Vacuum Tube Preamplifier section based on the Rossini CD Player REV2.0 output stage that gave us surprising results. Then all the parts have been matched to the preamplifier stage. Important changes have been implemented in every part, but especially in the power stage and DAC section. The audio quality resulting is astonishing!

The Enigma Rev2.0 has a new more essential design with a line input on the front to be connected to a line output of a MP3 Player such as the iPod to meet the increasing interest in that kind of audio sources even in the High-End field. Also a Monout output has been added to connect a active subwoofer and a completely very efficient new software has been implemented.

Enigma Rev.2.0 solve the enigma. It is a unique product because for sure on the market there are not “all-in-one” systems with similar audio quality.
We can absolutely assert that Enigma Rev2.0 for its sound can be well compared with even higher expensive true High-end systems. 

Here you can read a review of this model in What HiFi?.


 Item Condition

Used, ex dem from shop. Original 220V. With original box,...


Specifications of the REV 2.0

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Audio Analogue Enigma

Audio Analogue Enigma

compact system

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