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Janszen zA2.1

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Janszen zA 2.1

pair of stand speakers


Available for sale one pair of this innovative electrostatic speaker made by the company that  invented this type of speakers.

Since 1954, when Arthur Janszen invented the electrostatic speaker, the name of JansZen has been associated with the pioneering development of the high fidelity electrostatic speaker. After nearly 60 years JansZen remains a leading name in electrostatic speaker design.

The son of Arthur Janszen, David, has relaunched the JansZen Loudspeaker name and is now a leading designer and manufacturer for some of the finest speakers in the world. JansZen Loudspeakers are designed to last a lifetime, with many of Arthur Janszen’s original units still in operation today without service after nearly 60 years.

Since the beginning, JansZen has advanced the technology through several generations of designs. Today, the xA2.1 is the sixth generation, designed from scratch, and fully modern in every way and incredibly reliable

PLenty of reviews in the net. Here you can read a review of this model in The Absolute Sound, or here in Positive Feedback.

     Item Condition

New, ex dem from shop.  Original 220V. With original box. Walnut colour, with optional airLayer included.



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Janszen zA2.1

Janszen zA2.1

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