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Gryphon Adagio

  • Vendido a: Alemania
  • Estado: Buen estado
  • Funcionamiento: Funcionamiento perfecto
  • Incluye: Con embalajes originales, manuales y resto accesorios originales.

For sale a classic CDP of the renowned danish brand.

The Gryphon Adagio takes compact disc to the next level with the latest generation 96 kHz upsampling circuitry. The Gryphon Adagio creates optimal working conditions for the digital and analog circuits, allowing them to more accurately reproduce the information that is encoded on the disc.

You can read here a review in Haute Fidelite.


Item Condition

Useb in very good cosmetic condition, perfect function. Revised. With original box, remote and owner's manual. Original 220V.



You can read here the owner's manual

- Four stereo 24 bit/96 kHz Digital-to-Analog Converters in a Dual-differential topology.
- Upsampling to 24bit/96kHz for enhanced sonic performance
- True Class A, fully discrete analog circuits with no negative feedback
- Two custom-built, temperature- compensated crystal oscillators with better than 5 parts per million accuracy
- Separate custom-built C-Core transformers for left and right analog sections for total isolation from digital noise
- 12,000 microFarad power capacitor banks per channel
- Completely isolated power supplies for digital section and transport/display
- True Dual Mono Configuration
- Ultra-short signal path with minimal Internal wiring
- Modified dual digital servo transport with fixed pick-up mechanism
- Multi-layer printed circuit boards for minimal noise and optimal signal transfer
- Balanced analog outputs with PCB-mounted gold-plated Swiss Neutrik XLR sockets
- Single-ended analog outputs with PCB-mounted gold-plated phono sockets
- Balanced 110 ohm AES/EBU and 75 ohm S/PDIF digital outputs
- Layer of bitumen inside cover for effective resonance damping
- Fully remote controlled operation

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Gryphon Adagio

Gryphon Adagio

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